E-INFRA Group of Companies Donate 500,000 Lei To Support the Healthcare System

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  • The amount is allocated to the support the main medical centers in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca that manage the pandemic effects in Romania

 Bucharest, March 22, 2020 – The E-INFRA group of companies today announce a 500,000 lei donation, through Netcity Telecom in Bucharest and Nova Power & Gas in Cluj-Napoca, to support Romania’s healthcare system and the efforts to control the local effects of the current pandemic situation.

The amount is destined towards the acquisition of test kits, protection equipment for the medical staff, disinfectants, as well as ventilators and video-laryngoscopes. The donation is aimed to support the medical capacity in Bucharest, with focus towards the Victor Babeș Hospital and the Matei Balș Institute, as well as in Cluj, towards the County Emergency Hospital and the Cluj-Napoca Oncologic Institute. The sponsorships are intermediated by the Transilvania Leaders Foundation, MagiCamp and the Romanian Red Cross.


E-INFRA  is a group of five companies active in infrastructure, with the role of sustaining the quality of life through modern infrastructure.

E-INFRA companies  (Electrogrup, Direct One, Netcity Telecom, Nova Power & Gas and WESEE ) are active in two infrastructure areas: owning and operating telecomunications and energy infrastructure, and professional infrastructure services.

Additional information is available at www.e-infra.ro.

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